Be kind, I’m new.


Hey guys, after a great time at Copenhagen Code Garden 2013, I felt the need to share. All of this is still new to me, I have never successfully started a blog, or understood twitter, or given back to the Umbraco community. This is all about to change.

I met some great guys at the conference, had some really interesting chats and I realised that I can make a difference. You’d think that being one guy of many, your thoughts don’t count, but its really the opposite; if you let yourself out there, you can tailor the world to your needs.

So let me begin with this

Hi, my name is Dipun Mistry. I am a developer in London, currently working on getting a slew of Umbraco sites out there. My goal within the company has been to create a super-platform based on Umbraco that meets our needs so that our clients have a consistent user experience and we can bash out new sites within minutes. I will be writing about my personal challenges and accomplishments here.

As part of this new me, I have decided to use twitter. So please, follow me @dipunm.


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