My take on the Fixture Object pattern by Mark Seemann

A fair while back, whilst discussing and experimenting with unit testing, I had read about this particular pattern. The Fixture Object pattern allows you to delegate complex arrange logic within your tests in order to improve readability and maintainability of your code. First of all, now that I have finally found the link (I have […]

The ReturnNull Library

The ReturnNull library Hey guys! first of all, I would like to express thanks for your comments over the last couple of months. Seeing that people are reading this blog has re-sparked my enthusiasm for writing more articles. Thanks all. Now onto the matter at hand. In a previous post, I promised to put the […]

Microsoft Fakes: The solution to our .Net testing woes? (NUnit)

Did you know you can “shim” system assemblies such as DateTime, HttpWebRequest, and more! Until now, I would simply curse out loud, create wrappers around static helpers and then crawl into a corner and cry. This awesome new feature will allows us to use .NET code the way Microsoft initially intended and not be scared […]

Creating Testable Controllers in Umbraco

As a Tech Lead in my team, One of my responsibilities is making sure that all code entering our codebase is unit tested. I have been looking at the SurfaceController and I want to know what benifits it provides that a normal controller does not. Let me be clear, I can see that it provides […]

Be kind, I’m new.

Hey guys, after a great time at Copenhagen Code Garden 2013, I felt the need to share. All of this is still new to me, I have never successfully started a blog, or understood twitter, or given back to the Umbraco community. This is all about to change.